Heating and Air Tips

Major equipment breakdowns can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Planned maintenance is protection that's good for your equipment, your budget, and your peace of mind. A recent independent study showed that poor maintenance is the single biggest reason why many heating and air conditioning systems fail to reach their design life. Planned Mainenance keeps your system running at peak efficiency, reducing your equipment operating costs, and extending equipment life by keeping them in top condition.

Planned Maintenance can...

  • Reduce chance of nuisance break-downs
  • Helps ensure the long term comfort of building tenants
  • Allows for a budgetable expense that protects your cash flow from the high cost of unexpected repairs
  • Guarantees priority service whenever repairs are needed
In addition to periodic maintenance by a trained technician, homeowners should also heed the following tips to insure that their heating and air conditioning system continues to operate safely and efficiently:


  • Make sure return air grilles are kept clear of furniture, boxes, or other items that might inhibit air flow.
  • Make sure that shrubs and bushes are kept trimmed away from your condensing unit outside. Proper air flow inside and outside the home is critical to optimum system efficiency and maximum life of the equipment.
  • Never store paints, chemicals, or flammable materials too close to your furnace. In addition to the potential fire hazard, vapors from bleach and other chemicals can destroy the heat exchanger inside your furnace.

Cases and Studies


LSU Study

Click below to read the summary from the research study that was conducted at Louisiana State University about "The Effects of Preventative Maintenance Programs in Residential air Conditioning Applications"

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Carbon Monoxide Article

Click below to read the "Carbon Monoxide: Know the Facts" article from "The Gas Line"

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